60 iPad Apps in 60 Minutes

VSTE Virtual Session

About the Presenters

Tim Owens

Tim Owens is an IT Technician at Longwood University (his alma mater) and has been involved with VSTE in some capacity for the last 4 years. His wife brought him to a conference just to hang out at a hotel and he ended up signing up and joining, presenting the last 2 years, and joining the Board of Directors this year. Best place to follow him is on Twitter @timmmmyboy.

Session Details

Come prepared for a rapid-fire demo of 60 of the best iPad applications for the classroom! From 3D brains to Google Earth we've got all content areas covered.

Opener - djay for iPad

60 iPad Apps

  1. Google (Free) - Voice search, ability to ask a question and have your voice transcribed and searched. "What is the capitol of China?" Also allows math "What is 3 + 7 -27 + 8" App also links to the familiar Google Apps that many school systems use.
  2. Expedition ($1) - Show full websites and e-mail attachments on a projector. Workaround for something that should arguably work natively.
  3. Blackboard (Free) - Content and Learning Management Portal. Connects to existing Blackboard installs but IT person needs to install mobile plugin. Quick access to class rosters, grades, assignments. More useful to the student than the teacher. iPhone/iPod Touch/Android/Blackberry versions available as well.
  4. TeacherPal (Free) - Personal organizer built specifically for teachers. Track attendance, grades, and behavior.
  5. Bsecure (Free) - Browser that filters out objectionable content. Ability to create white/blacklists. No registration or account required.
  6. QuickVoice Recorder (Free) - Voice recording, sync with desktop app. Podcasting possibilities.
  7. GoodReader ($1) - Reads multiple file formats (Office, iWork, PDF, HTML), supports PDF annotation. Integrates with Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, Box.net and other services to pull in documents. Even supports audio and video files.
  8. Pages ($10) - Document editing, great templates, Word Document support. Sync with MobileMe or Webdav. Autosaves documents as you’re editing.
  9. Numbers ($10) - Spreadsheet software, great templates. Ability to quickly create something as simple as a class roster or as complex as a grading platform. Sync with MobileMe or Webdav. Supports Microsoft Excel format as well as Numbers format and export to PDF.
  10. Keynote ($10) - Presentation software, great templates. Supports Keynote and Powerpoint files. Connect to a projector with VGA adapter for presentation mode. Sync with MobileMe or Webdav.
  11. Dropbox (Free) - Cloud storage for your documents, photos, videos, etc. Ability to easily sync between multiple computers. Open documents in other supported apps for editing. Universal app.
  12. Reeder ($5) - Sync to Google Reader for a great way to view RSS Feeds. Handles folders, shared items, stars. Export items to a bunch of formats (Email, Instapaper, Twitter, Delicious, etc). Image/items cache for offline access. iPhone version available.
  13. Offline Pages ($5) - Install bookmark in Safari that allows you to save any website for viewing without internet connection. Great for wifi iPads where you’re not always guaranteed to be in a hotspot. Autosave multiple pages with link follow-through. Mark pages read/unread.
  14. Sorted ($1) - To Do List manager. Simple clean look and feel. Set due dates. Swipe to complete. Email your tasks. Assign priority. Autosorts by priority/due date.
  15. RDP/VNC/LogMeIn (Most Free with Paid Upgrades, LogMeIn $30) - Access your desktop from your iPad. Free versions of apps typically have limited input options for scrolling and keyboard functions. LogMeIn easiest to setup but pricey. Universal apps. Use with Promethean board.
  16. TED (Free) - The entire library of high resolution TED talks at your fingertips. Check out the “How We Learn” category for inspiration. Saved Talks are stored offline.
  17. YouTube (Free Native App) - Supports bookmarking, playlists, keyword search. VGA adapter support.
  18. BrainPop (Free) - Each day a featured animated movie from the Brainpop series along with an interactive quiz to test knowledge of the subject.
  19. Flash Cards Deluxe (Free/$4) - Universal flash card application. Supports pictures and sounds. Create flashcards on the device or on computer and upload, also download from Quizlets pre-configured flash cards. Several different ordering modes and ways to “answer” a card.
  20. Easel SAT Prep (Free/$8) - Hands on with actual SAT workbooks. If you run into problems hit the “Show Me” button and they’ll work the problem out on screen for you. Covers both Math and Critical Thinking problems. Paid version has over 200 practice questions. Great to use in combination with SAT Vocab on Flash Cards Deluxe or standalone SAT Vocab apps.
  21. iStudiez (Free/$3) - Complete class management for students. Homework assignments, courses, task management and followup, a full planner.
  22. Wikipanion (Free/$5) - Full access to Wikipedia, in-page searching, bookmarks, built-in dictionary including audio pronunciations, link support. Paid version adds support for offline viewing.
  23. Dictionary (Free) - Free, Simple but effective, 275000 definitions, 80,000 synonyms, no internet required.
  24. Extra! Extra! ($9) - View the front pages of over 800 newspapers worldwide each day, delivered right to your iPad. In similar vein to the website Newseum.
  25. Pulse News Reader (Free) - Customized RSS reader, very visual. Setup specific feeds for a content area and create your own digital magazine.
  26. Flipboard (Free) - Customize your digital magazine with the topics or websites that you want to read about. Add Twitter handle of trusted resources and their links become pages of the magazine. Topic channels available as well.
  27. iBooks, Kindle, Nook, etc (Free) - Different platforms for the same idea. iBooks supports PDF viewing. Kindle/Nook sync from the cloud. All have iPhone versions as well. Stores can often have different books. Amazon’s library is the largest at the moment.
  28. Pearson Textbooks (Free Demo) - Part of the Beyond Textbooks initiative of the VDOE, being piloted currently in 3 VA counties, one attempt at digitizing textbook content for the iPad display and making it more interactive. Embedded video, quizzes.
  29. Toy Story (Free/$9) - One of Disney’s Digital books showing the capabilities of making an ebook an engaging experience. Book will read to you. You can record your own voice. In-book games and applications (coloring). Video
  30. Instapaper ($5) - Students browsing for articles in the library can send them to Instapaper and then read them on their own time on the iPad. Strips out images and makes it easy to read.
  31. Word Magic ($1) - Word completion game. 1 of a series of apps (Math magic, count magic, etc). Positive reinforcement, word building. Elementary content level.
  32. pocketphonic ($1) - Phonics and writing training. App speaks each letter, makes the phonic sound, and provides a guide to help the student write it out. Positive reinforcement when done correctly. A game is included as well.
  33. Native Accessibility Functions (Free Native Apps) - Voiceover speaks items on the screen for blind users. Braille device support via Bluetooth. Zoom with 3 finger tap. Large text mode. Inverted colors.
  34. TapToTalk (Free, Subscription) - Turns the iPad into an augmentative and alternative communication device. Tap on pictures and words are spoken which can lead to other pictures. Comes with built in albums. Website has ability to create custom albums using TapToTalk Designer (subscription cost)
  35. Sign 4 Me for iPad ($13) - Over 11,500 words, ability to type in words or sentences and 3D character will show you how to sign them. Ability to zoom in and turn the character to get different angles.
  36. Dragon Dictation (Free) - Voice to Text transcriptions for e-mail. Also supports copying to clipboard for use in other apps. Most accurate transcription service, but app is not very full featured.
  37. iTranslate (Free) - Universal translator for iPad. Over 50 Languages, Instant translation while typing, 11 voices for text to speech. Auto-detect a foreign language.
  38. Pass The Past (Free) - Educational game to help students prepare for VA SOLs with focus on world, U.S., and VA history, civics and geography. Aligned to VA’s updated U.S. history curriculum. Took one of the top prizes for the VDOE SOL app challenge.
  39. Early Jamestown (Free) - Interactive textbook on the early days of the Jamestown settlement in VA. Embedded videos (check with VGA adapter), Keyword vocabulary
  40. Westward Expansion (Free) - Explore the westward expansion of the United States, Lewis and Clark. Interactive Maps, games, timelines. Took one of the top prizes for the VDOE SOL app challenge.
  41. History: Maps of the World (Free) - High resolution maps rendered on the large screen.
  42. World Book: This Day In History (Free) - Interactive multimedia calendar that displays historical events for the current day or any selected day. Includes photos, illustrations, music, and speeches.
  43. Constitution for iPad (Free) - The U.S. Constitution for the iPad.
  44. Declaration for iPad (Free) - The Declaration of Independence for iPad.
  45. MyCongress (Free) - Know your representatives and get bios and information on every member of the House and Senate. New electorates from 2010 will be put in with the January inaugural session.
  46. Bloomberg (Free) - Create a custom list of stocks to follow and get up to minute pricing information, news, and currency conversion information.
  47. Mathematricks ($1) - Learn mental math tricks to easily solve complex math problems.
  48. Calculator for iPad (Free/$1) - Standard and Scientific calculator for iPad, great on a large screen. 99c version has several different looks and no adds.
  49. Mathref (Free/$1) - Over 1,300 formulas (free version limited to 600), covers Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Derivatives, Physics, and more.
  50. Convert Units Free HD (Free) - Unit conversions for a large variety of unit types with an intuitive interface. A great resource calculator to have.
  51. Google Earth (Free) - Same high resolution imagery used on the desktop application. Geolocated photos and Wikipedia articles. Not as full featured as desktop app. iPhone/iPod Touch version available.
  52. NASA (Free) - Live streaming of NASA TV (VGA compatible), Tons of the best space images, countdown clocks, mission updates. Iphone/iPod Touch version available for free as well. Pluto- dwarf planet. videos called This Week at NASA do play (SOL: Planets- 4, 6, Earth Science).
  53. 3D Brain (Free) - Touch, rotate, and view a 3-dimensional rendering of the brain. Different sections highlighted. Labels and search. Universal app.
  54. Star Walk ($5) - Digital compass allows you to hold iPad to sky and locate stars/constellations. Time Machine lets you see where constellations will be in the future. Adjust where on earth you want to be viewing from. Moon phases (SOL: Grade 3, 4, 6, Earth Science).
  55. The Elements ($14) - Visual video representation of the periodic table of elements. High quality images that can be rotated. Stereoscopic 3D views. Pull in information from Wolfram Alpha (ex: Gold- find the current market price). The Elements song (SOL: Physical Science, Chemistry).
  56. Art HD (Free/$6) - Bios and high resolution imagery for a large number of classical artists.
  57. ArtStudio ($5) - The closest you’ll get to Photoshop on the iPad. Tools, brushes, filters, layers, masks, simulated brush pressure, lessons, export to PSD or JPG. Can’t see toolbar on projected image. VGA Support.
  58. SelineHD ($8) - Just another fun musical app for the iPad, explores different possibilities for instruments when you’re not confined to normal hardware.
  59. Pianist Pro ($10, Virtuoso Piano is Free) - Fully functioning piano with multiple sounds. Pianist Pro has options for a drum machine, recording, arpeggiator, and midi output.
  60. Garageband ($5) - Multitrack audio editor including several software instruments, ability to connect guitar to iPad for electric playback, and send music to iTunes.